Retro G33K Moment

Retro G33K Moment

GEEK MOMENT: Anyone who knows me knows that I am very passionate about technology and have been a proud tech evangelist since I went to Atari computer camp at age 12. Little did I know I’d be making music for Ice Cube and Will Smith on an Atari w/ a black and white monitor 10 years later. Just found a link to an interview I did w/ Rap Pages back in 93 or so, during the Ice Cube, Menace II Society days. In those days it was all about the SP12 (a classic 12 bit drum machine/sampler), that was the industry standard, and the writer mentions that coming to my studio was his first time seeing a Hip Hop producer using a computer for everything. Everything in the studio was hooked up to a huge removable hard drive back when cats were still using floppy discs, so for that time, I guess QDIII Soundlab really did look like a lab :).

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Clips from the Rap Pages article:

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