Welcome from Quincy

Welcome from Quincy

Welcome to the QD3.com alpha launch and thanks for stopping by.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Quincy “QD3″ Jones III, I’m a Swedish American, music producer, film/TV composer, film maker, life long student of digital media & technology, proud father of 2 and founder of QD3 Entertainment Inc.

Working as a music producer for greats such as Tupac, Ice Cube & LL Cool J inspired me to want to formally document some of their amazing stories from an insiders perspective. So I decided to launch a multi media company, QD3 Entertainment Inc, and started work on the QD3 Collection, a collection of documentaries and TV projects that document urban/youth related culture ranging from music docs and comedy to extreme sports and social commentary.

To date QD3 Entertainment has established itself as the leading independent producer, aggregator and distributor for urban/youth related video content. Some notable films from the multi platinum QD3 (DVD) Collection include Tupac Shakur Biodoc ā€“ Thug Angel, The infamous BEEF Series, Lil Wayne ā€“ Carter (Sundance) Documentar and can be seen on VH1, Showtime, BET, Fuse etc. Click here for more QD3 info

In the process of creating the QD3 (Film) Collection, we shot and acquired over 3,000 hours of never before seen content, and continue to capture cutting edge best of breed content on an ongoing basis. I love what I do and look forward to opening up the QD3 vaults and interacting with you here at QD3.COM.

Click here to shop the QD3 Collection.

This is alpha launch, so would love to get your feedback so I can provide the best experience, look forward to refining the site with your input.

To contact me for feedback, business inquiries, questions, networking etc, please click here

Other than that, Iā€™d like to sincerely thank every single person that has supported thus far and helped the QD3 DVD Collection go multi-platinum.

Be well,

Quincy “QD3″ Jones III



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